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Tomato Pear Chutney

Tomato Pear Chutney - Top on your chicken, fish, veg or crackers? Who knows where the limit is but this sounds delish. 

Crispy Skin Salmon with Napa Cabbage

Crispy Skin Salmon with Napa Cabbage - Here's your one pan meal for the week! I also really appreciate the step by step videos that accompany this recipe too! 

BBQ Tempeh and Collards

BBQ Tempeh and Collards - Shout out to the vegetarians and delicious collards! 


ANDOUILLE STEWY! - The number of times Erin and I said this while picking out the items for this week was not 0. 

Salted Watermelon

Salted Watermelon - For you fruit share folks, if you haven't tried salt on your watermelons, you are missing out! 

Hake with Lemon and Tomatoes

Hake with Lemon and Tomatoes - Your one-pan meal for the week! Simple and delicious! 

Radicchio and Apple Salad

Radicchio and Apple Salad -  A nice and light salad where you could add any leftover greens or even tenderized kale!

Mediterranean Ground Beef Stir-Fry

Mediterranean Ground Beef Stir-Fry - This is what I would also consider an "empty the fridge" type recipe. Still have some Swiss Chard kicking around? Random bits of peppers and onions, you betcha! 

Grilled Delicata with Kale

Grilled Delicata with Kale - My reaction when the farmers started getting back to me suggesting squashes already: AHHHH. But then I thought, ooooh, slap them on a grill and I'm all in! 

Plum Pierogi

Plum Pierogi - Okay, sometimes I have a lot of fun looking up different ways to cook up all these local treasures. This one just sounds like a fun activity and delicious dessert!

Roasted Carrot, Tomato, and Onion

Roasted Carrot, Tomato, and Onion - Simple side to go with any of the protein options this week, or chill and top on a salad! 

Rainbow Carrots with Crispy Tofu Bites

Rainbow Carrots with Crispy Tofu Bites - Stunning and tasty! 

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