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Grilled Green Garlic
Grilled Green Garlic - Another sign of the season that we're always psyched for is green garlic. Simply grilled, it's an amazing side (maybe to some grill haddock and chimichurri?). This Food52 number has some great tips and links to other recipes.
Green Garlic!

Green Garlic! - Spring Allium that will blow your mind! Use on your pizza, focaccia or in tarts or quiches! 

Garlic Roasted Rainbow Carrots

Garlic Roasted Rainbow Carrots - I mean, can you go wrong?

Garlic Sautéed Spinach
Garlic Sautéed Spinach - 13-year-old me is very disappointed that 42-year-old me is this excited that spinach is coming back into season. Keep it classic with this Ina Garten treatment.
Garlic Butter Steak Tips
Garlic Butter Steak Tips - That tiny bit of warm weather made me want to grill but I'm not hardcore enough to do so in a foot of snow, so this is a rock solid Plan B. Steak and butter and parsley? Yes, please.
Cod with Mushrooms, Garlic & Vermouth
Cod with Mushrooms, Garlic & Vermouth - Sub the cod with the pollock in this week's share. I love cooking with vermouth. Is it partially because I'm only some Beefeater and a twist away from a martini? Maybe. 🍸
Garlic Butter Poached Pollock

Garlic Butter Poached Pollock - Simple one pan pollock recipe for a nice weeknight meal!

Garlic Confit
Garlic Confit - A preservation method from pre-refrigeration days that can lend to making incredible mashed potatoes, pasta dishes, or decadent veggies. 
Roasted Garlic Tomatoes
Roasted Garlic Tomatoes - These would be great on your cod, on some crusty bread as seen in the pics here, or alongside your steak and creamed spinach.
Baked Hake with Fennel, Parsley, and Garlic Butter

Baked Hake with Fennel, Parsley, and Garlic Butter - What's not to love about this recipe? And it's one pan (+the blender...)

Kale with Garlic and Bacon

Kale with Garlic and Bacon - Have some not so big kale fans you're cooking for? Like butter, bacon makes everything better. I could also see some maple roasted carrots on this too for a delicious side/lunch/heck I'd probably eat it for breakfast with an egg! 

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