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Mushroom Quiche

Mushroom Quiche - For brunch, meal prepped lunch or anytime of day, nothing beats a quiche! 

Marinate Mushrooms
Marinate Mushrooms - Awesome to have on hand for antipasti, on some crostini with micro greens on top or mixed with some mesclun, vinaigrette and a soft boiled egg.
Flounder and Sautéed Mushrooms
Flounder and Sautéed Mushrooms - 20 minutes. Easy weeknight dinner.
Mushroom and Bacon-Stuffed Trout
Mushroom and Bacon-Stuffed Trout - This is some pretty stellar trout and stuffing it with bacon and mushrooms sounds pretty dang delicious.
Braised Monk Fish with Mushrooms and Onions

Braised Monk Fish with Mushrooms and Onions - Try this Martha Stewart Recipe OR this Portuguese Baked Monkfish (which is a one pan dinner)! 

Chicken Pesto Pasta with Mushrooms
Chicken Pesto Pasta with Mushrooms - Pretty sure pesto can do just about anything. This recipe? Straightforward. Tasty. Bam.
Mushroom Shallot Sauce

Mushroom Shallot Sauce - Feel a little extra fancy with this easy pan sauce to go on top of your pork chops, fish, or even veggies!

Chicken & Mushrooms with Taleggio Polenta
Chicken & Mushrooms with Taleggio Polenta - There's something kinda magical about chicken and polenta in the winter and this is but one of many riffable iterations. Personally, I'd cook the chicken with the bone and the skin and toss some greens into the polenta.
Cod with Mushrooms, Garlic & Vermouth
Cod with Mushrooms, Garlic & Vermouth - Sub the cod with the pollock in this week's share. I love cooking with vermouth. Is it partially because I'm only some Beefeater and a twist away from a martini? Maybe. 🍸
Parsnip and Mushroom Soup

Parsnip and Mushroom Soup - On this snowy day, why not do a little souptime! We'll still have snow for a few days before it all melts away later this week anywho! 

Mushroom and Onion Tart

Mushroom and Onion Tart - This looks more like a work of art but all the more delicious to eat then! 

Mushroom Wraps

Mushroom Wraps - I won't stop sharing this recipe, it's one of my favs! It's also a great way to use up any food you may have in the fridge!

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