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Expansion to Maine and New Hampshire!

We are excited to announce that Family Dinner will soon be expanding to Portland, Maine! Starting in November 2021 we will proudly be serving members in Portland, ME, Portsmouth, NH and the surrounding areas.  This opportunity to grow is extremely important to us.

We are kicking off this expansion with a crowdfunding campaign, in partnership with NuMarket. When we reach our campaign goal, you'll get 120% of your contributions back in credits to use at Family Dinner.

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We started Family Dinner in 2017 out of our tiny Somerville apartment with a few (very patient) friends willing to be our founding members. Our mission was, and is, to build a company to support small family farmers, makers, and growers. We set out to use data and technology to shorten and strengthen the local food supply chain and give the little guy a chance to compete against today’s agribusiness Goliaths.

Over the past four years Family Dinner has grown in many ways. We moved into a shared kitchen facility in 2017 and then into our own space in 2020. We were joined by an incredible crew of folks who lend their energy, talent, and terrible jokes to this effort. We bootstrapped from serving 10 customers a week to almost 700. We deliver to 100 cities and towns and support the work of over 80 local farmers, growers, makers, and bakers. Every moment of growth, every minor success has been thanks to the wonderful members who support Family Dinner, our mission, and encourage us along the way.

Now we are writing the next chapter of Family Dinner by starting to serve the communities in Portland, ME. We were drawn to Portland for its incredibly diverse and vibrant food ecosystem. Maine is home to a rich community of organic farmers, fisherfolk, cheesemakers, and bakers, not to mention some of the best restaurants in the country. 

We are launching a fundraising campaign with NuMarket to help build out the expansion. The campaign will help us build out essential infrastructure for the expansion such as a refrigerated truck, warehouse space, and a team based in Portland, serving their own community. 

We are looking to you, our amazing community of members, supporters and friends, to join in on that exciting growth. You will get back 120% of your contributions in credits to use towards Family Dinner’s offerings in Massachusetts and Maine!

We are incredibly excited to serve the people of Maine and to partner with makers and growers all over the state. The opportunity to expand the mission of this company is humbling and brings us great joy. We are grateful to all of you who have helped us build this company to where it is now, and hope you will join us in this new exciting chapter.