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It's all Greek to me.

It's all Greek to me.

Greek and Mediterranean cuisines seem like the anti-Winter Foods. They are bright, colorful and packed with flavors that recall more summery months. Lots of grilled meats, fresh greens and citrus. You feel light and healthy just looking at it. (This, of course, is excusing dishes like Moussaka which layer ground meat and eggplant and top them with an exquisite bechamel-type sauce. Each plate weighs about as much as a Prius but dang is it good.)

This week we have fresh chickens from Tad at Feather Brook Farms, Greek inspired spices from Claire at Curio Spices, fresh pita, and yogurt from Luke at Brookford Farm. We are also thrilled to have harvested another round of Micro Greens from Clark Farm (pictured above). The Micro Broccoli shoots are just dying to be the finishing touch to your grilled chicken, fish or salads. They don't require a whole lot of attention, just a touch of olive oil and you're on your way.

Just walking into Andrew's greenhouse at Clark filled us with a wave of optimism. Winter isn't eternal. Root Veggies aren't all life has to offer (though we love them). Green things are boldly bursting out of greenhouses, clamoring to soon be in the ground. We can't wait to share them all with you.



Omnivore Protein - Half Chicken from Feather Brook Farm; Greek Yogurt from Brookford Farm
Pescatarian Protein - Hake from Red's Best; Greek Yogurt from Brookford Farm
Fruits and Veggies - Micro Broccoli Greens from Clark Farm; Spinach from Busa Farms; Parsnips and Beets from Brookford Farm
Grains - Fresh Pita Bread from Samira's Homemade
Spice - Kozani Blend from Curios Spice Co
Special Treat - Donut Holes from Union Square Donuts


Omnivore Protein - Whole Chicken and Eggs from Feather Brook Farm; Greek Yogurt from Brookford Farm; Lebenese Spread from Samira's Homemade
Pescatarian Protein - Hake and Scallops from Red's Best; Eggs from Feather Brook Farms; Greek Yogurt from Brookford Farm; Lebanese Spread from Samira's Homemade
Fruits and Veggies -  Micro Broccoli Greens from Clark Farm; Garlic, Herbs and Spinach from Busa Farms; Parsnips and Beets from Brookford Farm
Grains - Fresh Pita Bread from Samira's Homemade
Spice - Kozani Blend from Curios Spice Co
Special Treat - Donut Holes from Union Square Donuts - back by popular demand


Greek Chicken Under a Brick: Love the chicken under a brick move.  For simplicity's sake, the "brick" could easily be another pan, but if you happen to be a masonry enthusiast and have bricks laying around the house; wrap one in foil and go for it.  Doug, one of our long-time members, best buds for life and occasional drivers, is a Kettle Bell enthusiast. Yes, Doug. You probably can wrap one in foil and use it to press your chicken. But you better take a photo of that first. #sharefamilydinner

Leftover Chicken Salad: Once you have roasted your chicken and feasted on it you may still have some left overs. It's time to talk Chicken Salad. A beautiful leftover lunch served on raw spinach or next to beet salad, it's quick, easy and really tasty. You can go the simple mayo route but also you should feel free to add outside ingredients to the pile that are in your palate's wheelhouse. We like Dijon mustard and raw onion. A crunchy element, such as cashews and a touch of curry into the mayo is also lovely.  Fruit such as apples or grapes also add beautiful contrast.

Baked Hake with Lemon and Herbs: This week we made baked Hake with Ritz cracker topping, Kozani Spice and a metric ton of butter. It was glorious. This recipe is a riff on that and while it does call for butter, it isn't quite so heavy handed. If you're ready to bring on the Butter, Baby! - then the classic recipe for Baked Haddock will make your day. Mix the Kozani Spice in with the butter as it melts on low heat before you mix in the crackers. Its like giving a Ritz Cracker a passport.

Parsnip Puree: Silky and light. This is a nice foundation for your brick chicken, or for a pile of roast veggies that need a softer texture to tie them together. This recipe calls for kosher salt but we like a big, fat pinch of Maldon salt at the end for its crunch.

Pita Everything: These pita are super versatile and their uses change over time. In their early days use them as beds for your breakfast sandwiches, or as wraps for a salad on the go. As they dry out, hit them with some oil and spices and throw in the oven for pita chips. Cook at 400 degrees for 5-7 minutes, but keep an eye on them!


Getting under the skin. When roasting chickens we are are often taught to slather the skin of the bird with butter. That works, but if you want to be even more neurotic about how you introduce your fats, get your thin slabs of butter under the skin before cooking. This requires a bit more precision and a dab more patience but it is worth it. This also goes for the spice rub which can slide under the skin and tango directly with the meat. Yum.  

If you have big, clumsy mitts like me and are wondering how to go about this, Kitchn is here to show you the way.