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It's a delicious day in the neighborhood.

It's a delicious day in the neighborhood.

Somerville Homeless Coalition

Often in this space we highlight a local farmer or ingredient or pair of overalls we are really excited about. This week we thought we would shine a light on a local organization we are proud to work with who is making a profound impact in our community.

The Somerville Homeless Coalition is a non-profit based in Davis Square in Somerville, taking a comprehensive look at the complex issue of homelessness. They run shelters, clothing and food drives, gift collections at the holidays etc.  They are an extraordinarily dedicated group of people whose motto is that they’re always trying to put "themselves out of business".

We’re in awe of what they do and have been trying to do our little bit to help. The first Sunday of every month Family Dinner brings a big, warm home cooked meal to the adult shelter. We buy as many ingredients from our farmers and purveyors as possible and spend the afternoon peeling, prepping and cooking dinner for 16 adults. Sometimes our farmers, like Tad, get really excited about the idea and donate 30 dozen eggs. Then, in addition to dinner, we find ourselves making giant mounds of scrambled eggs on a chilly morning. We really enjoy bringing Family Dinner to the broader community and finding ways in which food can be an expression of love and community. When you support Family Dinner you support this important mission and we are grateful for it.



Omnivore Protein - Half Chicken and Eggs from Feather Brook Farms; Pasteurized Feta from Brookford Farm
Pescatarian Protein - Skin-on Salmon Filet from Red's Best
Fruits and Veggies - Spinach from Queen's Greens; Golden Beets from Pete's Greens; Red Onions and Daikon Radish from Brookford Farm
Grains - Fresh Syrian Pita from Samira's Homemade
Special Treat - Salty Blondies from Vinal Bakery


Omnivore Protein - Whole Chicken and Eggs from Feather Brook Farms; Pasteurized Feta from Brookford Farm
Pescatarian Protein - Skin-on Salmon Filet and Scup from Red's Best
Fruits and Veggies - Kale from Cornerstalk Farm, Apples from Apex Farm, Spinach from Queen's Greens; Golden Beets from Pete's Greens; Red Onions and Daikon Radish from Brookford Farm
Grains - Fresh Pita from Samira's Homemade
Special Treat - Salty Blondies from Vinal Bakery


Chicken and Feta Pita:  Grilled chicken, spinach, feta, red onion all rolled up into one glorious sandwich. Yes please, all day. If you have yogurt and want to make a tzatziki, go for it. If not, crush up some garlic and a splash of lemon juice into some mayo and call it an aioli. We won't tell anyone.

Beet and Onion Salad:  A bright bold take on a beet salad. Steam the beets and give the onions a quick pickle. It's totally worth it for the extra bite of flavor. 

Salmon with Spinach and Feta: When Queen Martha tell you to keep it simple, stupid- you listen. Our only slight suggestion to her Majesty would be to keep the spinach raw and turn it into a lemony feta bed for the warm salmon to luxuriate on. The warmth of the fish will slightly wilt the greens without fully taking away their chew.

Simmered Chicken with Daikon Radish: In the US, Daikon Radishes are most often eaten raw. Shaved or spiralized they pack a nice punch of flavor to add to the top of your salad or grilled meats. This Japanese dish calls for them to be simmered and married with grilled chicken. If you don't have sake, don't fret. Reach for sherry or rice wine vinegar. They'll get you there. 


Turn up the Beets

This week's beets are like cyborgs from the garden. The Golden Beets from Pete's are sizable, delicious and a little overwhelming. We're all used to roasted the heck out of beets - but is there another way? Here's a few ideas on how to treat your beets and how to serve 'em up.

Prep: Before you prep your beets you may want to remove the thin layer of skin that adorns them. You can either peel with a paring knife and your hands (this will stain your skin bright red and leave you looking like an extra from The Shining).  If you'd prefer to skip the murderous looking mitts, you can roast them slightly and rub the skins off with a paper towel. Your call.

To roast or not to roast?: Martha knows we are all sick of the same old same old. Here's she's sharing her infinite culinary knowledge on four ways to cook these scarlet gems.