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Goats on G.O.A.T.s

Goats on G.O.A.T.s

People have been saying that Tom Brady is the G.O.A.T (Greatest of All Time). We don't know about that but we do know that the goats are Clark Farm in Carlisle, MA are outrageously cute. Clark Farm is a certified organic farm that specializes in produce and berries and raises a variety of animals; including two farm dogs who have the combined energy of a Category 5 Hurricane. Andrew, the farmer at Clark, gave us a tour a few weeks back and offered to plant and harvest some micro greens for the shares. After tasting a few we landed on the pea shoots you see in this week's share. They are a delicate and tender green but they pack a bright punch of flavor. And the goats (and G.O.A.Ts) love 'em! (Well.. we assume TB12 would eat them because they're not made of dairy, sugar, happiness, nightshades or any other the 3,000 things Brady won't touch.)

Whether you are prepping for the Big Game or just settling into a Big Lazy Sunday of cooking, we are really excited to have a few new things to share this week.



Protein - Ground Beef and Eggs from Feather Brook Farms; Raw Aged Gouda from Brookford Farm
Fruits and Veggies - Pea Shoots from Clark Farm; Baby Red and Green Lettuces from Little Leafs Farm in Denvens, MA; Cortland Apples from Apex Orchards; Carrots and Yellow Onions from Brookford Farm
Grains - Brioche rolls from Iggy's Bread
Special Treat - Caraway Shortbread Cookies from Vinal Bakery

Pescatarian - Hake Filets and Monkfish Cheeks from Red's Best (trust us, they're awesome)


Protein - Ground Beef, Chicken Wings and Eggs from Feather Brook Farms; Aged Gouda from Brookford Farm
Fruits and Veggies - Pea Shoots from Clark Farm; Baby Red and Green Lettuces from Little Leafs Farm in Denvens, MA; Cortland Apples from Apex Orchards, Yellow Onions, Carrots and Watermelon Radishes from Brookford Farm; Oyster Mushrooms from Mycoterra Farm
Grain - Brioche rolls with Cracked Black Pepper from Iggy's Bread
Special Treats - Caraway Shortbread Cookies from Vinal Bakery


The Patty Melt: This recipe is pure food porn. A thin patty, caramelized onions and cheese. Be prepared to hear the angels sing. And yes, CARAMELIZE THOSE ONIONS.

Chili Time: We know that some of your freezers are overflowing with meats. We have heard your confessions (Amber, your secret is sort of safe with us) and we feel you. Maybe its time to dig into the artic tundra and pull out any meats you have and get your Chili on.

Oyster Mushroom Po Boys: This is from a website called Let's Be Vegan! While our love for cheese, Tad's Chorizo and Monkfish cheeks prevent us from hopping on that particular bandwagon, we value the enthusiasm. Julia at Mycoterra says these mushrooms are a favorite among vegans and vegetarians for their rich texture and flavor. They are a great stand in for meat in a variety of dishes.

Monkfish Cheeks: This piece of the fish is often overlooked and even (horror of horrors) thrown out. But is a hidden gem on the fish, a boneless piece of meat with a texture and flavor comparable to a scallop. They can be lightly fried and used in a sandwich like a fish filet or teased with spice in this stir-fry recipe.

Pea Greens: We don't have a recipe to share here - just a suggestion. Give these a taste raw with nothing on them. They pack a nice bite of flavor that will bring a brightness as a top to any sandwich, grilled fish or chicken. Such a far cry from the flavorless water bomb of greens that adorn most plates.  If you want to use them as a garnish, a dash of good Extra Virgin Olive Oil and a pinch of Maldon salt will do the trick. Use them quickly, these guys are delicate.


Olive Oil. Picking an good olive oil can be a bit overwhelming. There are so many varieties; Virgin, Extra-Virgin and Regular. (We didn't even know that extra- virgin could be a thing- maybe we missed a lesson in Health Class?)

There is a noticeable difference between regular and extra-virgin on both taste and smoke point. But which to choose? The answer is that you really want two olive oils in your cabinet. One for cooking (Regular Olive Oil) and one more for taste -for salad dressings, dipping, or finishing a dish. The longhand version of the answer is well explained from the people at KITCHN.